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In this seo class i’m going to explain what is infographic?What are the advantages of infographic in SEO?How to create backlink through infographic? The representation of information or data in the form of graphics is known as infographic. Here i explain different advantages of infographic. I explain three best way to create backlinks by using […]

What is seo in youtube/google in urdu/hindi 2019? seo tutorial Class#1/seo complete course link: https://youtu.be/POjE85M6MEA In this video i’m going to describe what are the types of search engine optimization(seo).In this class 2 i described three types of seo . First one is white hat seo, second Black hat seo and last one grey hat […]

In this seo course class 18 i’m going to describe What is grey hat seo and Negative seo. Grey Hat SEO: It is that types of seo which is combination of white hat seo and black hat seo. Grey hat seo is not out in the guidelines of search engine but this tactics still consider […]