Type Of SEO | White Hat SEO | Black Hat SEO | Grey Hat SEO | Negative SEO Tutorial in Hindi

Type Of SEO, White Hat, Black Hat, Grey Hat & Negative SEO Tutorial in Hindi

SEO is the process of putting your page to the Google search engine by satisfying the predefined Google Search Algorithm.

SEO meaning in Hindi is very easy to understand if you get to learn seo tutorial in hindi.

In this video, I’ll talk about the SEO Types:-

What is Black Hat SEO?
What is White Hat SEO?
What is Grey Hat SEO?
What is Negative SEO?

Black Hat SEO technique in SEO Hindi tutorials will teach you the techniques to fool Googles Search algorithm and move to the Google SERP by using unethical ways.

In White Hat SEO techniques chapter, you’ll learn different techniques of using ethical ways approved by Google to rank to the top of Search engine. This is also called organic strategy.

Grey Hat SEO techniques will teach you the process to mix both White Hat and Black Hat SEO and achieve your desired business objectives.

Enjoy the video and Please comment below if you want more videos on seo tutorial in hindi.

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Please do watch the complete video for in-depth information.

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