Types of Search engine optimization (SEO) urduhindi|class#2

What is seo in youtube/google in urdu/hindi 2019? seo tutorial Class#1/seo complete course
link: https://youtu.be/POjE85M6MEA

In this video i’m going to describe what are the types of search engine optimization(seo).In this class 2 i described
three types of seo . First one is white hat seo, second Black hat seo and last one grey hat seo.Then i describe one by
one all these types.White hat seo is type of seo which useful or ethical seo. Black hat seo is type of seo which is unethical
seo and dangerous for website.Grey hat seo is type of seo which is combination of black hat seo and white hat seo. I also describe
black hat seo techniques. Black hat seo Include Content Spinning,Keyword Stuffing,Paid links,Cloaking,Hidden text
,Hidden Links,Footer links from affiliates ,Over optimized and Doorway pages.

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