Types of SEO | What is White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, and Grey Hat SEO? | SEO Lecture 02

In this video, I will discuss some points related to google guidelines for doing black hat SEO or White Hat SEO.
following are some guidelines:
— Generate automated article
— Cloaking
— Sneaking redirects
Then next I will discuss how we do different types of SEO.
following are more common types of SEO:

— White Hat SEO
— Black Hat SEO

White hat SEO which is a type of SEO, Used for the organic results of SERP on search engines according to google guidelines.
Black hat SEO which is also a type of SEO, Used for quick results of SERP on search engines by violating Google guidelines.
Grey Hat SEO which also a type of Seo, used when we need to high-rank SERP(search engine result pages) in a short period of time by doing not fully violating google guidelines.

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