Webinar – The Gray Area Between Black Hat & White Hat SEO

Where there’s the potential to get the top spots in Google, there will be people who abuse how to get there. The top 3 spots in Google get 63% of all traffic for any given search, so it’s no surprise that some will go to great lengths to ensure they’re there. Thanks to the (very) public outing of J.C. Penney’s, Overstock’s and Forbes’ questionable SEO tactics, Google is cracking the whip on how companies get to the top of those coveted organic search rankings. But sometimes, it’s not always black and white between the ethical «white hat» practices and shady «black hat» practices. From low-quality content to links bought on unrelated websites, this webinar will help you decipher the good SEO from the bad SEO, and what tactics may fall in the middle to keep you from Google’s blacklist.

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