What are Backlinks and How you can generate more Backlinks – Ultimate Guide

Today I’ll discuss What is SEO and What are backlinks and How backlinks can be useful for your website to rank higher.
Also, The type of methods that you can use to generate backlinks. Then we will discuss the google link penalties. After that content based link building methods will be discussed with other Backlinks Building method like Guest posts, Broken Link Backlink Building.

This is a beginners Guide to Backlinks.

A good link building campaign involves a variety of strategies with diverse objectives. Your focus should not be on the number of backlinks you can bag, but their quality. Link building should be seen as a sustainable activity that will give you good quality links which actually make sense in the context of your website.

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1. What is SEO?
It is the science of optimizing your website to rank higher in a search engine result page for a certain Query.

2. Types of SEO
Off site SEO – Actions are taken outside your own website.
On site SEO – Optimizing elements on your own website.

3. Let’s deep dive into Off Site SEO – Which is majorly dependent on Backlinks

What are Backlinks?
Backlinks are links to a website from any external website.They are used as a ranking factor by search engines.

– The authority of a website increases as it accumulates quality backlinks
– Quality backlinks are links from websites with higher page authority than linked site
– Backlinks need to be from relevant sources as well.High authority is not the only criteria

4. Black Hat Link Building – Practices looked down upon by search engines
– Paid Links
– Spam Comments
– Article Spinning
– Hidden Links
– Fake Job Listings
– Cloaking

5. Google Link Penalties – Imposed by google to ensure healthy SEO practices
– Manual Penalties
– Google Penguin

Building a good backlink profile

6. Content Based Link Building – Creation of a viral link bait
– Infographic
– Whitepaper
– Listicle
– How-to guide
– Webinar
– Case Study

7. Guest Posting – Only genuine and high quality appreciated
The process of approaching other websites to see if they publish a piece of content that you write on their blog.This comes with the condition for the content to be high quality and non-spammy.

8. Broken Link Building – Helping webmasters fix with superior alternatives
It works on the premise of helping webmasters fix their broken links by providing them with a superior alternative for them to link to.

There are numerous other ways to build a good backlink profile.

9. What are good quality backlinks?
– It is from a relevant source.
– It is from a high authority website.
– It is editorially controlled by the linking website.

10. Relevance of Backlinks – It is what defines offsite SEO
– Ensure high-quality backlinks
– Do not implement black hat tactics
– Use Various methods to build your profile
– Have you offsite SEO sorted

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What are backlinks and why are they important and How do they Work?

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