What Is Black Hat Digital Marketing?

Black hat digital marketing is a way or practice of violating search engine guidelines to boost your website rank in search results. They are unethical tactics where the searcher ends up being penalized. It is no longer news that your level or degree of appearance in search results is critical for business growth. But then, there is always a right and a wrong way to go about that. The “dark” way of black hat SEO is the wrong way because it aims at seeking to game search engine algorithms instead of solving for the searcher/user. In other words, rather than earn the right to get high ranks on SEO results page, black hat SEO makes use of shady tactics to get you the results. Unfortunately, the continual use of black hat SEO techniques can likely damage your presence in search engines instead of enhancing it as you desire. You can get completely wiped from search results if caught or end up gaining a lower position.

Techniques of black hat digital marketing
Some practices included in the black hat are keyword stuffing, cloaking, and using private link networks. Let’s take a look:

Keyword Stuffing
This is a way of filling your content with keywords that are not relevant just to manipulate your page rank on search results pages. When you add multiple variations of keywords where they do not add a single value, you are creating a bad experience for users.

This is a way of showing a piece of content to users and a different one to search engines. Websites that practice this act of black hat SEO engage in this to make content rank for many terms that are not relevant to their content. Meanwhile, tailoring your content to different groups of users is acceptable. Others are sneaky redirects, poor quality contents and paid links.

What Is Black Hat Digital Marketing?

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