What is Black Hat SEO || Black Hat SEO Techniques || Examples of Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO Techniques

1) Hidden Text and Links :-The text which search engines can view but readers can’t is known as hidden text.

–This technique is used to incorporate irrelevant keywords and hide text or links to increase keyword density or improve internal link structure.

–Some of the ways to hide text are to set the font size to zero, use CSS to set text off-screen, create white text on a white background, etc.

2) Keyword Stuffing:-Search engine analyzes the keywords and key phrases on the webpages to index the websites.

–To exploit this feature of search engine, some SEO practitioners increase keyword density to get higher ranking which is considered a black hat SEO technique.

–Keyword density between two to four percent is considered optimal, increasing keyword density beyond that will irritate your readers and affect your ranking.

3)Duplicate Content:-The content copied from a website to publish it on another website as original content is known as duplicate content. This black hat technique is known as plagiarism.

4)Cloaking:-Cloaking is the technique by which it is possible to display two different pages to visitors and to search engine. Cloaked pages don’t appear to human beings.

–They are designed specially to be visible to search engines and completely hidden from human beings.

5)Doorway Page:-The poorly written pages which are rich in keywords but don’t contain relevant information and focus on the links to redirect users to an unrelated page are called doorway pages.
–These pages are used by black hat SEO professionals to pass on user traffic to unrelated sites.

6)Link Farms:-Link farm is any group of website that all hyperlinks to every other site in the group. It is a form of spamming the index of a search engine.

–A link farm is a website created only for the purpose of increasing the link popularity of another site by increasing the number of incoming links. A link farm usually looks like a regular web page, but the majority of the content is hyperlinks — often random and unrelated — to other websites. 

7)Parasite hosting:-Parasite hosting is a search engine optimization (SEO) technique that involves posting a free blog, wiki or forum on a highly respected domain with a high page rank.
–These free posts are used to create backlinks to a given site, which may boost that site’s search engine page rank, thanks to the host’s high rank.

8)Paid links:-Paid link building is when a website pays a third party domain for a followed backlink that points back to their domain.
–While link building is a core tenet of SEO, paying for links is strictly forbidden by search engines and  can result in harsh penalties.

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