What is Black Hat SEO? Search Engine Optimization (Explained)

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Black Hat SEO is anything that violates a search engines terms of service.

0:54 Link Schemes and General Black Hat SEO

1:08 Buying Links

1:16 Link Exchanges

1:40 Article Marketing/Guests Posts

2:02 Penguin Penalty

2:10 Anchor Text

2:33 Relevant Links

2:45 Automation and Link Indexing

2:55 Build Other Links

3:33 Profile Links

3:52 Penalties

3:56 Link Networks

4:18 Comment Spam

4:39 Sneaky Redirects

4:50 Trading Products for Links

5:05 Link Bait and Switch

5:35 Keyword Stuffing

5:40 Cloaking

5:44 Hidden Content

5:46 Article Spinning

6:11 Scraped Content

6:45 Auto-Generated Content

6:52 Social Media Spam

7:04 Rich Snippet Mark Up Spam

7:20 Automated Queries

7:40 Negative SEO

8:05 URL Injection Spam

8:50 Domain Squatting

9:30 Block/Remove Links

9:51 Cancel Automated Programs

10:17 Clean Everything

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