What is Link Cloaking | How To Avoid Spam Link

In this video, I have explained in-dept on what is link cloaking and why it is important to cloak every link. This video is a bit lengthy but I have tried my best to explain it in a simple layman’s language.

Link / URL Cloaking is important for every internet marketer but this is a must-have for you if you are an affiliate marketer. One of the big mistakes every affiliate marketer does is, they directly send their affiliate links without cloaking it. This can end your email to go to the Spam folder of the email.

Not just that, Day by Day every tool in the market is keeping an eye on affiliate marketers because they simply throw ugly-looking affiliate links and cause spamming. Due to these, major companies like Google, Facebook bans the ads account if you throw your affiliate link without cloaking. Top email marketing software like active campaign, mailer lite have strict policies towards affiliate marketers. Hence this video is important for you to understand end to end of URL/ link cloaking and how you can do it easily for FREE.

Note:- For the first 3-4 minutes of the video, there is some background air noise. Also in this detailed explanation, I have mistakenly typed as clocking instead of cloaking. Apologies for that.

The plugin mentioned in this video is – Pretty Links -(Type this in the plugin search bar of WordPress)

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