What is white hat SEO vs. gray hat SEO vs. black hat SEO

What is white hat SEO vs. gray hat SEO vs. black hat SEO.

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In this tutorial I take a deeper look at what exactly is white hat SEO compared to gray hat SEO compared to black hat SEO. Google recommends that webmasters follow so called white hat SEO tactics. But I don’t want to just settle for that blindly. In this video I explore who decides what is white hat seo and what isn’t. Google isn’t the policeman or the setter of ethics for the web. Yet nevertheless, they get to dictate to the entire web what is right and what is wrong in terms of how people run their websites. There is something very strange about that.

There is also something very strange about the fact that Google keeps shifting the definition of what is white hat SEO whenever they find it convenient. Google has a long history of recommending some strategies only to say a few years later that that particular strategy is not longer a good one, and that it will be penalized. Many site owners who followed Google’s advice then either have to spend a lot of money quickly revamping their sites (this is the good case scenario) or risk being penalized and essentially losing their business.

We as business owners and website owners still have to keep a very close ear to what Google does next and especially at what they hint at that they will be doing next because if we want traffic from Google we need to listen to what they say and have a good sense where they are taking things in the future.

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