White Hat SEO Techniques To Avoid 2020

Today learn white hat SEO techniques being used in the search engine optimization 2020.

This is not a tutorial or a guide but just an experience that I would like to share that is hurting businesses small and large this is happening to SEO experts and non experts at a scale that is unbelievable .

I hear this time and time again from website owners and webmasters saying that a negative SEO attack in the form of reporting being done to detrone there winning site or websites for techniques that could or could not be considered black hat. And even white hat and lets not forget even grey hat for that matter the point is this type of SEO is far from being professional and it must stop.

The point of this is to inform people on the fact that there are competitors , SEO competition out there that is marketing there company and moving up the ranking latter by deploying in my opinion black hat negative SEO tactics strategies.
These techniques demote and de-index / derank websites by implementing a «white-hat SEO» method of show and tell but this time it is far from fun.

One of my JV sites has been taken down there was a few mistakes on my part being that it was at the end of the day stretching the guidelines but, after all it was a indexed and ranked site. So in order for it to be disabled on Google and taken down means it was a competitor that was trying to take our hard work down not Google themselves and I am very sad / salty in the matter.

So in conclusion I have learned a ton from this misstep and we are already and had already other properties that we have been curing for this type of activity because at the end of the day when deploying tactics that are not 100% up to snuff this can happen.

So multiple lessons here in this video:
1. Do not out your competitors
2. Try hard not to practice any grey hat SEO
3.Learn and move forward so you do not make the same mistakes.

I hope that this video has helped someone out there seeing what we did and the outcome to know that at anytime you might have to rebuild.

Thanks for watching if any questions regarding SEO or digital marketing , SEM , PPC etc ..let me know in the comments below.

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Chris Palmer Marketing/SEO

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