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White Hat vs Grey Hat vs Black Hat SEO
Jadeed Technology will cover number of topics in search engine optimization in Urdu hindi language.
there are number of topics related to below

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bigbang just a theory|بگبنگ نظریہ|बिग बैंग थ्योरी

this video is about big bang theory in urdu|hindi
Inspiring people to Care about the planet! This is the Official You Tube Channel of Jadeed Technology about Islam, Science experiment and projects, New discoveries, Invention and latest news. The purpose of Jadeed Technology to provide authentic information about Islam and Science.
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Jadeed technology channel
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how can pakistan go to mMars what are the strategies should be followed by pakistani government to go Mars. Dr. Pervaiz Hood Bhoy is a well known scientist of pakistan who are guiding pakistan nation to go Mars,indian government sent its robot at Mars.this channel is jadeed technology channel which is trying to spread scientific knowledge for pakistani people and others. jadeed technology channel aim is spread true knowledge to people.
this video link is
pakistan on mars

there are some playlist

science news

islam and jadeed science


naat shareef

sending human to mars in urdu hindi

trans human project also be discussed at this channel

aliens exist proof in urdu| hindi

Destruction of earth (Will jo25 Asteroide colloid With Earth ) in Urdu|Hindi

Vegetable on Mars

Doorbeen ki aisi haqiqat jo koi nai janta

Naat Tala Al Badru Alayna

zindagi da maza aawe sarkar de buhe te full naat

Palindrome Miracle in Quran in Urdu | Hindi

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